What are your favorite Starbucks drinks? I want to try some new ones.

Grande blonde red eye w/ cream

Grande iced coffee sweetened w/ soy

You are just gorgeous sir

You sure you sent that to the right person?

Thank you very much though for that kind compliment

Why not?

Cause I’m not gonna post a video of a young lady and myself having sex on Tumblr for everyone to see

Do u have videos of u fckin

Not one that your eyes will ever see

B Good Eats & Treats


I’m starting something new. 

A food blog per say.  It’s something that I have always wanted to do and I have put off for far too long.

I’m not a pro at cooking or blogging at all, but if you would like to follow me along on this journey feel free to come along.

All recommendations and criticisms are welcome.  That’s the only way I’m gonna get better at this.

Thank you and have a blessed day,


If you have a moment today or anytime please go and check it out

Any advice or criticisms are welcome 

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Good morning y’all

Hope that everyone has a blessed morning and beginning to their week

Currently having a serious affair with my bed 

I'm still playing goldfish while you're playing poker... We're on two different card playing levels. And I'm not qualified to begin your game. So.... What's for dinner?

Haha you’re good

I’m not cooking tonight